Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Promised post.

Hey sorry guys, I've been really busy lately.
I 've had family functions, a 19th, mothers day, a 18th and job interviews.
But great news I got hired.
I'll be working in sales, marketing, promotions in Aucklands CBD.
It's a dope place to work, and the workmates seem really cool.
I also changed the outlay and look of the blog.
Let me know what you think of the changes in the comments below. 
Just Lucky and I chilling on the beach watching the surf.

 I know the surf looks small. But it was larger than this in the afternoon.

Another pic of the surf from my deck. Waves were pumping outside my backyard.  

Day eights sunrise pic.

Day nines sunrise pic.

Leave comments below.


  1. Awesome, I was waiting for a new post! Great pics, looks like paradise.

  2. Sorry about the wait man. :)

  3. good luck on your new job, man. hope you still have time to blog though.
    great pictures as always. the first sunrise one is just beautiful. the new layout looks great btw :)

  4. Cheers @Brn. I'll do my best to post more ofter. Maybe atleast once a day. And if i save up I'll buy a head cam so you guys can see some mint footage.

  5. nice pics.. i need to get out.

  6. its looking good! i live in auckland city, i can see what im missing! following :)

  7. love your photos mate!

  8. Cheers guys, todays post is up.