Friday, 6 May 2011

Day Six

Today I'm doing a giant post for you guys.
I've included the pics I'd promised from my friends.
Its not completely finished so I just took pics of the main interesting rooms 
that were finished, but they will be at the bottom of todays post.
Now back on track, A swell is hitting New Zealands eastcoast
over the next couple of days.
Todays morning surf wasn't great but was surfable.
Unfortunately  my battery in my cellphone died so I could record this afternoons 
surfing session, but I recorded this mornings session.
Here's todays pics.
Great conditions with a offshore wind and the sun shining.

Here you can see the sets slowly building up.

I just loved this picture and just felt I had to share it with you guys.

Here's todays morning video. Excuse the horrible video editing.
But enjoy anyway.
If you guys want to know the song it is:
'Sink' by 'Against me' (acoustic version)

As I promised here are the pics mentioned at the top of this post.
The cool modern kitchen.

WoW on the 1080hd Projector.

The size of the screen.

And the most important game CS:S

Hope you guys enjoy todays post.
Let me know what you think in the comments bellow.


  1. Wow, so you use a projector for your games. Now that's something I want to try! Beautiful pictures man. Keep up the amazing work.

  2. Playing WoW on this big-ass screen must be amazing!
    the video is pretty cool and i love the song. downloading it right now.

  3. my neighbor has a similar projector for games/movies/tv.

    Do you have vibration cell thingies in the wall too?

  4. Not my house guys, its my friends. However vibrating things? I din;t know hahaa. @Brn yeah that song is so addictive. Thanks for the comments guys.

  5. How is it to be living so close to the beach? ^_^

  6. Uh great! Haha yesterday was surfing waves bigger than me, some 7ft maybe 8ft. Such and awesome day and workout.

  7. I would love to live there :(

  8. What a sweet set up. I live in Auckland City.. Nothing great out here...

  9. Dude living in Auckland city would be dope. Go clubbing every night

  10. Is that New Zealand? What a sight!

  11. Yeah New Zealand for ya, and this place is only like mid range peace of New Zealand.

  12. damn wow almost 4 years of my life lol

  13. I almost hated you on the last three pics :D

  14. Hahaa cheers for the comments guys

  15. Duuuuuuuuuuuuuude... what the heck. >< I'm jealous lol. Beautiful pad though, extremely beautiful.

  16. wow, really cool projector, I have a 720p myself.